Top 5 ways to choose best dumbbells

When it comes to workout everybody want to build a good looking physique quick and easy. But the results are always the same for most of people “dissatisfaction “. The problem is nothing to do with you or your workout, but with the equipment you use. Arnold Schwarzenegger (the great former bodybuilder) said “You eat proper food you remain healthy, you do the opposite, so are the results”. It is same with the equipment you use. Selection of   Proper equipment is a vital key to achieve great physique. Here are few ways to help reach your destination of health.


What do you need dumbbell for?

What a silly question right? Well, the fact is most of us does not know that dumbbell can be used in many way rather than just arm conditioning. Dumbbells can be used in strength training, aerobics, regular gyms, weight gain, weight lose, pin area workout (concentration of 1 specific area of muscle), total body workout etc. so, it entirely depends on “what do you need dumbbell for”. So choosing the right weight is the beginning step. Many people reject to acknowledge the properties of dumbbells, they might be simple in looks, but they are a great tools to sculpt your body. If you choose dumbbells that weight more than your capacity, the results would be bad to your muscle tissues and nerves. And if you select light weight dumbbells, they won’t do any good either. It is recommended by most health experts around the world to choose as per your potentials. If in case of confusion about the selection better take an advice by your physician or a body trainer.


What is your brand?

The brand is everything now –a- days. But only few think out of box, the brand name is definitely a great deal in market for its own reasons, but that does not mean you choose it because others are choosing it.
Be your own guide and understand your body first. Since you know what the proper amount of weight you need is, now it’s time for what company is good for dumbbells. There are various companies manufacturing dumbbells around the world. Choose a pair with which you feel comfortable to workout. Do not go on the model! We have different eye catching models of dumbbells in market for different prices, but always choose a simple and good one that you can work easily with.

What is your budget?

It is always a good idea to have a budget about the thing you are going to buy. If you have a low budget and want a good quality, you always end up purchasing cheap articles which may not last long. Spending too much isn’t good as well. Even though you have more than the required budget it is always a good thing to get only what you want instead of getting what you don’t. To avoid damage of body, time and money better search for local ads and sport shops, or can also check the online shopping sites. You can also have second party goods in cheaper rates. Mostly goods are sold in cheaper rates due to usage or old fashion. Better check thoroughly what you purchase, it is good to safe than sorry.

Does it suit your requirement?

It is good to have trial before you purchase. Most online shopping provide with the facility cash back offer. You can use the purchased good and your money will be paid in full or the good will be replaced if not satisfied or if broken. So, it would do a great benefit to you if you shop on the goods with such facilities, in this way you can test the dumbbell and return it back if you don’t seem to feel it worthy.

The perfect dumbbell always fits tight in hand and supports proper wrist moments. When used it in right ways it give best results quick. The distribution of weight should be even on the both sides. It should be tightly fixed to avoid wrist damage. The perfect dumbbell concentrates on the muscle group without disturbing  any other muscle tissue. If you feel comfortable with what you have selected, then treat yourself for selecting the perfect dumbbell for your healthy physique.


How to check the quality of the dumbbell?

Once you have got the dumbbell, don’t go crazy trying all fancy moves from internet. Even though you are going to use it or return it, always work with it after doing some stretches and warm-ups to avoid sprains and muscle damage. Then start with basic workouts. Better start your training in front of a mirror to watch your position and muscle moments together. If you feel any difference in weights or the moment, then it means the dumbbell is not perfect for your muscle group. Depending on the body types, such as ectomorph find it hard to gain results quick so, they have to work a bit harder. Whereas mesomorph can easily gain the results within no time so, these types have nothing to worry about but on the other hand endomorph, due to their body weight, they find it very easy to lift more weight so, they tend to move for higher weights, that is the major mistake most of the endomorph types do, it is mostly recommended to start with light weight to avoid any injurious. For, 80% of dumbbell workouts are either in standing or bending position. This can cause some serious trouble for spine, back and lateral muscle groups resulting in joint pains.

So be cautious than curious, for whatever you gain is from whatever you do. This might look quite simple and people ignore it but even professional weightlifter, bodybuilder and fighters all around the world start their training session with basic weights to warm-up their body and then work with higher weights. And once you feel it safe to run your routine with the dumbbells then go for it, and if feel it inconvenient then better replace it or take up a new one. As it is said “better safe than sorry”. So work hard and train well for what you dream of.