tired of your unsatisfying body results ?

If yes, it is OK. Many around the world have the same problem. But, we also have the solution for this problem “FOOD”. Yes, -food is good- for everything.


Is it rice, bread, junk, fruits or veggies or the combination of all? Well, food is any substance consumed to provide body with nutritional support. No matter if it’s plain rice or continental cuisines.

It is obvious that we all have been and are eating food since childhood. Then what went wrong?

The mistake is not to take proper food suitable to your body in proper amount. That’s not all, if you are working hard no matter in office, gym or anywhere proper diet is very important to keep your body parts in a great condition. “YOUR BODY IS THE MANIFESTATION OF WHAT YOU EAT” said by the world famous martial arts expert and fitness king –BRUCE LEE.

So, here are some tips of what to eat before and after workout.


What to eat before any exercise?

  1. Whole wheat toast with fruits.
    Whole grain bread is easy to digest and fruits like apple or banana boost up the energy. Combination if this will provide you with enough energy throughout the workout.


  1. Yogurt with dried fruits:

Yogurt is a cooling substance with essential fats. When add with plain dried fruits, the natural sugar from them easily blends in to your body providing with high amount of energy.
fruit and yogurt


  1. Smoothies:

Smoothies time-friendly and a great source of proteins. Slice your favorite fruit and blend it with cup of yogurt and granola. If you are buying one make sure that it contains whey or any milk-protein food ingredient.


  1. Oatmeal with fruits:

Oatmeal is a health food to be consumed every morning, it helps killing the unwanted fat and keep your body light and fight, adding fresh fruits with it will pump up the energy levels to help your workout plans and keeps you hydrated.


  1. Banana:

Banana is the perfect mixture of health. An average banana contains 31grms of carbohydrates, 1.5grms of protein and less than 1grm of fat. Banana is easy to digest, after digestion the natural sugar and starch present in it will enter your bloodstream providing high amount of energy during your workout.


What to eat after any exercise?

  1. Grilled chicken and mixed veggies.

After your tiresome workout, your body needs to fill with enough nutrients. Grilled chicken is rich in carbohydrates. Having vegetables with olive oil will keep you fit and save you from gaining unwanted fat.


  1. Veg-omelet  with avocado:

Egg is rich in protein and a great help to rebuild the body. Vegetables contains essential vitamins like A, D, E and K which help to maintain good shape. Fibers from avocado will increase the absorption of fat soluble nutrients.


  1. Salmon and sweet potato:

Salmon is a great source protein compared to any other fish. Besides, salmon has bioactive peptides that reduce inflammation and supports joint by regulating insulin levels. Sweet potato is rich in complex carbs that help in restoring glycogen levels in body which will be damaged during workout.


  1. Pineapple:

Pineapples contain bromelain, an anti-inflammatory that can heal sprains, bruises and repair muscle tissue.

  1. Dry fruits and nuts:

Dried fruits and nuts are stuffed with fiber and proteins that help rebuild the body after the workout. If needed these can be mixed with milk, yogurt or smoothies for greater results.