In the fitness world, everyone wants the “PERFECT” body, equipment or workouts that have instant results. But there is a small mistake that people often tend to make and loose the results even after the hard work.

Not anymore! For those down hearted, here is the problem and solution that fixes your issue.

Problem no.1: lack of muscle growth even after hard work?

Ans: The answer is quite simple, change with what you work. The problem is with the equipment you use, most of the equipments are fancy and expensive. But, if it does not provide you with what you want, then what is the use? So, after much more advanced research and development the fitness experts released new ONE-IN-ALL equipment that can clear all of your troubles for fit and healthy physique. Now everyone whether related to fitness or not knows about dumbbells. Now, what if you can get the complete gym equipment in one small set of dumbbells, which only needs the space of shoebox instead of a fashionable gym.

This might sound a bit trick but here id the proof.

These three are the rulers of fitness world since they have been manufactured. Select your choice, but the results are the same.

  1. Bow Flex select tech 552
    adjustable image

SET: 2 dumbbells
HANDLE: rubber ergonomic.
WARRANTY: 2 years
WEIGHT RANGE: 5 pounds – 52.5 pounds.
COST: 290 $ – 17472.50 (Indian rupees)

The most leading and no.1 in the market. This set is capable and suitable for all weight trainers and bodybuilders. Due to its design structure, you can lift heavier weight with less effort avoiding any type of damage.

Additional benefits of Bow Flex select tech 552

  • Works simple for those who want to shed weight and gain weight.
  • Higher results due to smaller weight increments
  • Take only 10-15 seconds to change the weight using the dial.
  • 20-30 seconds to adjust the set for new workouts.
  • Includes the safe mechanism to improve body toning and muscle growth.
  • Easy to carry and uses little space in the cupboard. Due to its size and weight it can easily be carried anywhere at any time.


  1. Iron master 75 lb quick lock

SET: 2 dumbbells.
HANDLE: chrome.
WARRANTY: life time
WEIGHT RANGE: 5 pounds – 70 pounds
COST: 529 $ – 31872.25 (Indian rupees)


This is the second leading set in the world for it’s’ weight. Mostly, this set is use by the people who want to bulk up the body from lean. It is simple and study model. But it takes a little bit time in changing the weights.

Additional benefits of iron master 75 lb quick lock.

  • It gives a wide range of weights from 5 pounds to 75 pounds.
  • Very comfortable at grip and balance.
  • It also saves much space and time.
  • This set can be used in future to train harder to become stronger.
  • These are good for press workouts due to its design and structure.


  1. Power Block urethane XXX L heavy U-125 set.

These are the best of all dumbbells that are preferred by heavy lifters and body builders. These are known as urethane series, which contains heavy duty dumbbells.

Additional benefits of Power Block urethane XXX L heavy U-125.

  • Takes less than 5 seconds to change the weights.
  • Self-contained storage system, which includes handles, weights and grips with itself.
  • This is an expandable set that can be changed from 125 to 13, 150 and 175 pounds.
  • Saves space more than an old fashion radio.
  • These particular models are known for their durability. There isn’t even 1 review about breaking or needing to repair even after a long period of rough use.
  • The warranty period is an attractive one. Power Block manufactures offer 10, 15, 35 and lifetime warranties depending upon the model.
  • There are many accessories that can transform the dumbbells into kettle bells.
  • Even though they are expensive compared to the rest of the dumbbells, they do give great advantages and also come in different models and designs to choose.