Difference between Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Dumbbell

There is a vast difference between the Adjustable Dumbbells Set.Zagreb and standard version dumbbell.


The standard version dumbbells are mainly found in two shapes hexagonal or pro shaped (round shaped). They commonly start from 1 pound and goes on to 100. Their weights cannot be adjustable, i.e. You cannot change your dumbbell weight according to your level of training, instead you have to use another set of dumbbells with higher or lower weights. They are old in fashion and most commonly seen
in common gyms and fitness centers. Standard dumbbells are made of many materials such as concrete dumbbells, plastic coated, rubber coated, metal coated and enamel coated to protect floor when contact is made. They are quite cheap and are available in any sport shops. They also get a bit rusty or tend to break after some rough usage. Since they do not possess any adjustable technology in them, they can easily damage the muscle tissue if not used under proper guidance. Even if you manage to purchase the whole set of dumbbells, it is going to cost a very high amount and space to place them. And definitely you cannot manage to take the complete set where ever you go. For many reasons health and fitness experts avoid standard dumbbells and recommend the same to others as well. If the dumbbells are used despite of their damage, they can cause damage to muscle tissue which later leads to serious health issues.

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Adjustable Dumbbells Set.Zagreb or improved hi-tech dumbbells are very advanced and easy to use. They are found in PRO-style and CYLINDER models. These are manufactured to fit every one according to their requirements; they start from 5 pound to 52.5 featuring about 15 weight adjustment settings. They are provided with built in dial system to change the weight settings to fit various training methods. They might be a little expansive but saves you a lot of space and health. It is like having a whole set of dumbbells in a shoe box or in simple you can take this dumbbells pair all around the world and you it almost everywhere. They are provided with grip-clip technology that gives us the exact weight required for our body type; with this single pair a person can do 40+ workouts with less effort which natural calls for high class gym equipments. They are made up of stainless steel covered with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, which is also called engineering plastic that is used to make smaller objects like machine parts and bigger objects like cargo containers and packages. There are 8 types of adjustable dumbbells going from top 1 to bottom 8 namely.

  1. Bow Flex select tech 552.

 adjustable image

  1. Iron master quick-lock dumbbells system.


  1. Power block classic set


  1. Weider speed weight 120
  2. Power block elite 90


  1. Universal power-pak 445


  1. Bow Flex select tool 1090


  1. StairMaster twist lock adjustable dumbbell