Top 10 Office Based Workouts For Working People

Employees now-a-days have to face lot of stress and pain endangering their health and fitness. “People with fitness goal succeed because they know where they are going” say the world fitness expert FELICITY LUCKEY. let us go through and find what can we make to change our lives more FIT.

First things first “What is fitness”?

Well, we all know fitness is staying in shape and becoming strong. But if we think out of box, it means some thing more great and important.
fitness is having more energy and strength to carry out your works more easily. To the then-and-now fitness king ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERFitness is not just being in shape, but shaping your health and surviving the odds with the strength of will

Do we really need fitness? Why?

We need fitness to keep our muscles strong and healthy, strengthen our joints and to keep our blood moving and heart fit. To burn excess fat and calories for a healthy tomorrow.


Where can we perform exercises?

Exercise can be done anywhere or everywhere. Most of the people stick to the idea of gym to stay fit.


Who needs fitness more compared to others?

Fitness is for everyone. It’s not just for weak to grow stronger; it’s the need to grow healthier. But, according to health statistics employees need fitness lessons more than others. Employees spend 10+ hours in their office. They tend to get stressed out and tired compared to any others.



Top 10 workout tips for employees:

Every working person has a right to stay fit. They always find it difficult to join a gym or to workout at home. But, they have a need to stay fit for their work. Now an employee cannot carry a barbell, dumbbell or bench press to his office. They technically do not possess time to be wasted while they work. So, this are the exercises that they can perform in break or even while working.  

  9. SIT-UPS



This workout does not require more than 5 minutes each. They are designed to power up the stamina and strengthen bones, muscles and joints. They also help to reduce stress and increase blood flow.

  1. Neck rotations.
    Sit or stand in a straight and comfortable manner. Now start rotating the neck in a proper manner. Here we are not trying making a helicopter out of our head; we just are trying to relax the neck muscles for excess oxygen gain. Now look straight up the roof, now look to your straight left and try to touch your shoulder joint with your chin in a straight line, now rise your head back to the roof and repeat the same on the right, now look back to the roof and relax. This is 1 turn, try to do 5 turns on each side making 10 total turns, and make the turn nice and slow while breathing. Now if you feel good let’s move to the other. Look back the roof and try touching your collar bone joint or look straight down to the floor, again turn back to roof. This is 1 turn, now make 10 turns. Now look straight and turn your neck as much as possible to your left and straight and right and again straight. Don not try straining your neck and remember to sit straight. This will increase the blood flow to twice the speed.


  1. Shoulder shrugs:


This workout will be more effective if you have load in your hands like DUMBBELLS or filled water bottles, but suite yourself. First sit straight looking forward. Slowly raise both of your shoulders at a time in a straight line, now pull them back as if someone is pulling your shoulder joints back, do it in a straight line and bring them back to normal. This is 1 turn or rep. do 10 reps or as many as you like. Remember, our objective here is to compress and release the neck muscles.


  1. Spine twist:

The spine twist is to provide the spinal cord more comfort and oxygen supply. This workout will not only affect spine but also the nerves system, this will also improve reflexes and memory power. Now, sit straight in the chair, catch hold of the left arm rest with both hands and turn to your left, stretch out your back muscles as far as possible, now do it on the right side by holding the right arm rest. You can grip the chair base in case your chair does not have the arm rests. This is 1 rep, now do as many as you can but do not do more than 50 reps. that might not be so pleasant.

  1. Leg raises:

Leg raises can be performed on any chair, sofa, and bed or even on desk. This workout will help the blood flow to the legs. The legs are easier target for an employee to get sick. Due long hours of sitting in the same position, the blood flow decreases and results in high blood pressure, joint pains, sluggish metabolism, weight gain and forcing yourself into inactive state. The work out is quite simple. Sit straight back to you chair or whatever you are sitting on, make sure you sit back supporting half of your thighs. Now, get your feet to gather and raise them as high as possible. There is a trick that might help you. When you raise your legs try to concentrate on the tip of your shoes or sandals or toes (if you are bare foot), this will help you to maintain a proper balance and position in your leg muscles avoiding strain. Then hold your legs in air for few second like 15-20, or depends upon your capacity. Do not try to hold too long, you are to exercise your legs not to prove your strength. When you feel the heat in your legs bring them down in straight line and back to the sitting position. This is 1 raise or rep. if you feel the burn in legs or in abdominal muscles (or sometimes in both), don’t worry, the burn indicates that you are doing perfectly and the results are quicker. Remember do not part your legs away unless you have finished your set (10-15 reps = 1set).


  1. Hand raises:
    hand raise

Sit back straight in the chair and stretch your hands up in the air. This is starting position. Lock your fingers together and raise your hands high above your head. Now, try to remain the same for 5-10 seconds and bend to your left-straight again and right and then straight again this is 1rep, do 1 set of hand raises for every 3 hours. This will improve the respiration process and blood flow to the heart.   . You can observe people do it early in the morning while waking up on the bed.


  1. Seated bows:

Seated bow might look similar to the Japanese bows called KOWTOW means bow with respect and manners. Because they are of same family. The bow is designed to help blood flow, strengthen spine and back and improve respiratory system. Japanese are habituated to bow 108 times early in the morning. This is one of the major reasons for their life span, compared to the rest of the people in the world Japanese live longer and stronger. The chair bow is not how kowtow is, but looks like it at least to 5%. Now, sit tight and straight in the chair and slowly bow down touching your laps with your forehead and touch your feet with either palm of fingers and sit back straight, breathe in while bowing and breathe out while rising up. Remember, it’s bowing not bending, it might be tough for the beginners, but try to keep your back straight like armor. This is 1rep do 2 sets.


  1. Wrist and ankle moments:

This is the easiest workout of all that can be done number of times. Just sit straight and tight.

  • For wrists:

    hold you arms straight in the air and make fists with both hands. Now rotate the wrists in clock-wise direction for 10 reps and do it in the opposite direction as the same. Remember to keep your arms straight and fists tight only move the wrists. To upgrade it, you can also try palm rotations.
  • For ankles:
    ankel twists
    ankle rotation can be done both while sited or standing. Raise your ankle 2 feet up from ground level and twist it left-to-right, up-down and clock and anti-clock wise direction.


  1. Pushups and squats:

We are well aware of pushups and squats. But are we gaining strength or pain doing them? If strength, you are in the right path. If pain then here are some ways to master the methods.

  • Pushups:

There are more than 82000 varieties of pushups. Mostly people neglect the power of pushups, every training process whether it’s any army, martial arts, boxing, fitness training or regular home workout. Pushups are given the first preference. Many great wrestlers and fitness experts from ancient days have shown the great benefits of pushups. Ancient wrestlers from India used to do 400-500 pushups and squats early in the morning as their 1 workout routine, even with heavy stone or metal weights add. They used to work harder and harder every day since their teen till they reach the age of 60, to gain the title of USTAD or PEHLWAN. We are not going to do any fancy stuff, but the regular and standard model. Here we go, first make sure you warm up your joints and torso to avoid any kind of pain and strains. We are going to discuss on 2 variations of the same pushup.

  1. Wall-lean pushup:

Stand in front of a wall with 2-3 feet distance, lean forward and place your palm on the wall, the palms should be taken by shoulder with. Means, when you lean your reverse side of the palm should touch your shoulder joints in a straight line. Now, push your chest forward and lean yourself to the wall, make sure that your chest is 1 inch away from the wall and push back until your hands are straight again. Do this by keeping your body in a straight line, this is 1 rep now do 2 sets. This will work on your shoulders, chest, traps, back and arms.


  1. Natural pushups:
    Now, this push up concentrates on the bulk of the body and strengthening the bones. Now, get in to a plank position on the ground. Place your palms little further from your shoulder joints. Tuck your elbows close to your body and tighten your abdominal muscles. Make sure that you balance your lower body on the toes, take nice grip from the ground with toes to balance your body. Do not bend your back, you should remain straight and tight as a plank or log while doing pushups. Now press yourself slowly to the ground, like wall-lean, have 1 inch distance between ground and your chest. Now slowly push yourself back to the starting position. When you take a pushup position your body takes an angle of 45 degree, if your are straight. This is 1 rep do 2 sets. These pushups can work your entire body, by toning the muscles and fixing the immune.


  • Squats:

Squats are meant to tone up your lower body from abs to ankles. First stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart. Now slowly sit down without losing balance, make sure that your abdominal muscles are tight and focused. While sitting down have 1 feet distance from the floor to your buttocks, now jump as high as possible and stand in the same position as beginning. This is 1rep do 3 sets. These squats are meant to tighten your leg muscles and strengthen the joints that have been damaged all these years sitting lazy.

  1. Sit-ups:

Sit-ups are traditional workouts used to strengthen abdominal and hip muscles. Now, this starts with lying down on the floor. Face the roof and pull your legs together, mount your knees and take a firm grip with your foot. Place your fingers under your head and spread your elbows wide. Now, elevate your upper body and try touching your knees with your forehead and slowly come back to the starting position. This is 1 rep, do 1set. If you feel it a bit difficult then elevate your upper body so that your head and knees are in a straight line.



  1. Isometric training:

These isometric are the greatest and easiest workouts ever. Only well trained, strength trainers, bodybuilders, fighters and weightlifters use these workouts in their leisure time or when they are traveling with lot of people where there is no room even to stand. It’s like their personal trick to gain instant strength when there is no time for workout. Isometric workouts are similar to body weight training, but in simple form. The method is to use your own strength against your to gain more strength quickly, isometric workouts are simply pushes and pulls. These exercises do not give you bulky body like the rest of the 9 workouts we talked about. Instead they focus on isolating a muscle group and strengthening them. In more simple form, it’s like your single organ( the part which you use for workout like palm, chest, abs, shoulders etc…) is taking the force of your entire body and resisting the moment. These images can explain you how to do them.

  • Isometric leg workout.

Standing against the wall go to the squat position and raise your leg as high and straight as possible for a long time (30-60 seconds) and go back to the starring position. Repeat the same with other leg as well.


  • Isometric chest workout.

Place your hands together in front of you chest like shown above, and push them with all your force equally. Push them for 30 seconds and release them gently.


  • Isometric neck workout.

Place your palm on any side of the head and apply force with the head on the opposite side. Make sure that you use all your force and your palms are resisting the moment.


  • Isometric finger workout.

Place your hands in front of your shoulders and spread your finger wide, now make a tight fist and hold for 1 minute then release the fist and stretch the fingers.


  • Isometric abs workout.

Get to the plank position and harden your core at abdominal muscles. Hold this plank position for 2 minutes, twice a day and get ripped abs by destroying bell fat in 1 week.


  • Isometric shoulder workoutimage002

Clamp your hands in this position and raise your elbows equal or near to the shoulder level. Now, push your hands against each other for 1minute and release slowly. Be in the same position, tighten the grip and start pulling your hands as hard as possible for 1 minute and relax.