11-22 home gym

Most of us like gym to hit the muscle bulkiness fast. But most of us do not have enough time to work out due their busy schedule. So, many of them tend to have their own personal gym and spend lots of money in getting the fancy equipment which won’t even work for them.

If you are one of them and want to have a home gym, better follow the bellow methods to have a good home gym with low budget.

What is a home gym?

Home gym is a mini gymnasium in your house that is set to provide fitness facility whenever you need all 24/7.

What all you need to start a new simple home gym?

  1. Adjustable bench.

Adjustable bench is all-in-one model that can be used as incline, decline and flat bench. You can purchase it from any local fitness store or on an online sale.

  1. A pair of dumbbells and barbells:
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Adjustable Dumbbells Set.co.Birmingham can be used in multi-training process. Better to get 2 pairs of different weights, for beginners 1pair of 10 pounds and 1pair of 20pounds. And barbell with weight plate set. You can purchase it in any fitness store or online. You can also purchase the plates separately.


  1. Burst-resistant stability ball:
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This ball is equal to 25% gym equipments; they can be used for more than 50 verities of hardest workouts, without straining any body parts.


  1. Resistant exercise band:

Resistant bands are used to add extra power and weight to the body for strength training. It’s mostly used to train arms and legs. Good choice would be to buy a pair of them. Then you can use them for back, neck, shoulder and abdominal workouts.


  1. Exercise bike:

It’s a great choice for your leg based workouts; they are usable for all ages and genders. But, if you want some more powerful equipment then you can go any cardio machine like a Treadmill or elliptical machines.

  1. Power rack:

Power rack is heavy duty multi user equipment. It can be used for pull ups, press ups, dead lifts, abdominal workouts and many more. It can also be used to store you gym equipment. Better choose a better and strong one for longer endurance.